Introducing πŸš€

Introducing πŸš€

Say hello to your new, go-to marketplace for discovering high-quality brands and products. πŸ‘‹Β  Whether it's for gifting or personal enjoyment, our bags are thoughtfully sourced & packed with surprises! isn't just about products; it's about experiences. We've taken your favorite apparel-based Mystery Bag and are infusing it with new life, broadening our offerings to include carefully curated products from local & regional brands. Categories could include accessories, jewelry, beauty products, and home & garden.

While we are branching out to offer additional products & brands, we will continue releasing seasonal apparel bags themed for:

  • Spring (March 2024)
  • Mother's Day (May 2024)
  • Autumn (August 2024)
  • Halloween (September 2024)
  • Holiday Season (November 2024)

All designed by the one and only Macey Humphrey!

How you canΒ help! πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ

Let's face it - some mystery bags can be fun and jam-packed with value. They can also be disappointing. To ensure we source the highest-quality brands, we will rely heavily on our community members to introduce us to other companies.

Do you have a favorite boutique that has lots of inventory but little online sales? We want to meet them!

A friend that loves making things and is on selling on FB marketplace & Etsy? Let's see if we can help!

Or do you know someone who works for a larger, high-quality brand? Let's chat!

We're back, and it's all because of you ❀️

As we turn the page to the exciting journey of, we are filled with profound gratitude and warmth thinking about each of you. Your unwavering support and enthusiasm were not just the foundation of our growth at, but also the beacon that guided us through our hiatusβ€”a period we deeply felt and missed the connection with you all.

Your support is more than just unique; it's the heartbeat of our community. It's what makes us believe in the power of what we can create together with

As we step into this new adventure, we do so with open hearts, eagerly inviting your invaluable advice, your encouraging words, your direct messages, and your connections. Together, we aren't just launching a website; we're crafting a community, woven together by shared excitement and discovery. Your role in this journey is irreplaceable, and we are thrilled to see what wonders we can create together. ✨

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